We provide a wide range of both Team Building and Leadership programs and, where appropriate, encourage both facilitation and group discussion. Additionally with all events, we encourage the opportunity for networking, communication, fellowship and the all important ingredient of FUN!

We specialize in the provision of unique action-based learning experiences, whilst customizing your group's specific objectives and pair them with activities to create experiences that are based on both learning themes and key leadership principles.

Our programs are usually designed to be far more in-formal, 'fun' events, creating an atmosphere where clients are challenged by a series of team activities. Teams are asked to think, perform 'out of the box' and share activities together in very unusual and unique locations. These programs provide for an excellent basis for bonding, team work and communication skills. Whilst facilitation does take place it is handled in a very in-formal manner.

We've produced lots of CSR programs for clients across Thailand. Together with our clients, we’ve designed and implemented CSR programs involving thousands of coworkers, colleagues, attendees and guests working together to build parks, construct new school playgrounds, complete "home makeovers" for orphans, create and deliver care packages to the underprivileged, and so much more. It's never anything less than inspiring to experience people working together and building a camaraderie that's unmatched in any other setting.