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From the vibrant cities of Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and Bangkok, to the rugged mountains and tribal villages of Northern Thailand and on to the hidden delights of Cambodia and spectacular Vietnam; from the stunning beaches and islands in southern Thailand to the tranquil villages and inland areas of picturesque and peaceful Bali…all seducing travelers with their charm, traditions, cuisine, culture, and the warmth of their people…SE Asia has it ALL!


With our special insight into local people, rural traditions, ancient architecture, temples, arts and crafts, and legendary cuisine as well the chance to try out some of our unique events and experiences, our guest will truly experience all that is best in this fascinating region.






‘Amazing Thailand’ really is amazing!


In this tropical Asian Kingdom you will find everything you need to entertain and delight and the unique diversity offers a multitude of options when it comes to selecting the perfect location and venue.


From the bustling metropolis of Bangkok to the northern hills of Chiang Mai and down to the pristine beaches of the Andaman Sea, Thailand’s renowned hospitality welcomes you wherever you go.


With cheap and efficient domestic travel by land, sea or air you can also take advantage of multi-centre venues to reward participants either before or after the main incentive event. So when you think of Thailand, imagine the possibilities for your event to visit more than one city


Thailand’s tropical climate also opens up an array of opportunities for outdoor and off-site venues to complement your occasion. The plethora of venues around the country can also allow your delegates to immerse themselves in the legendary customs and culture of Thailand, adding another exciting component to their stay.


From the latest in state-of-the-art facilities in conference and exhibition halls to wonderful theme parks, riverside, countryside and beach side locations, Thailand really does have it all. Thailand personifies Asia’s attitude to service and this is no more apparent than in the Kingdom’s luxurious range of hotels. Right across the country, hotel accommodation can be found to suit every budget and size of group with professional management and staff available to meet your every request.




Lying on the eastern part of the Indochinese peninsula, Vietnam is hauntingly beautiful, with three quarters of the country comprising mountains and hills.


With a patchwork of brilliant green rice paddies dividing mist-shrouded mountains from a dramatic coastline of sweeping deserted beaches, Vietnam is truly a tropical paradise. The bustling capital of Hanoi, together with Ho Chi Minh City, still retains hallmarks of a French colonial legacy, whilst secluded fishing villages and remote hill settlements define the traditions of the past.


In the north of the country also lies the mesmerizing Halong Bay. This densely concentrated zone of 1,969 stone islands, world famous for its spectacular scenery of grottoes and caves, forms the central zone of Halong Bay, which, viewed from above, resembles a geographic work of art. Halong was one of the first cradles of human existence there are also many archeological sites in the area. It is also a region of highly-concentrated biological diversity with many ecosystems of salt water-flooded forests, coral reefs, and tropical forests featuring thousands of species of animal and plant life.


Vietnam’s diverse cultural heritage and new 5-star venues offers a wealth of event opportunities in this rapidly emerging destination.




Cambodia, is a strangely beautiful country of high mountain plateaux, densely forested hills and endless rice paddies, irrigated by the persistent flow of the mighty Mekong River and the vast expanse of the Tonle Sap Lake.

The country’s artistic and cultural heritage is defined by its French colonial legacy and, more importantly, the glorious Khmer temple complex of Angkor, one of the true ancient wonders of the world.


With the bustling capital of Phnom Penh, the ancient northern temple complexes of Angkor and the pristine southern beaches, Cambodia offers visitors a wide range of event experiences.


There is so much to see, learn and experience in this enigmatic Asian Kingdom and there are surprises at every turn in the road.


Cambodia has emerged from a troubled past into a world of glorious possibilities. Beautiful new resorts and international hotels can now satisfy even the most discerning visitors and the rich legacies of the ancient Khmer Empire are a joy to discover.


A unique opportunity awaits you in this true ‘Kingdom of Wonder’.




Laos, former French colony and unspoiled ‘earthly paradise’, is entrancing. From the incomparable architecture of Luang Prabang, to the charming capital, Vientiane and the waters of the mighty Mekong River, it is little wonder that writers since Victorian times have been inspired by this magical country. Visitors will be captivated by the sheer beauty of the landscape and a way of life that has changed little over the centuries.


Located in the heart of the Indochina Peninsula the terrain is characterized by three distinct regions - mountains, plateaus, and plains. The mountains and plateaus make up three-quarters of the total area and a myriad of rivers and streams cross the countryside.


Laos has one of the most pristine natural landscapes in Southeast Asia. An estimated half of its woodlands consist of primary forest, in particular the tropical rainforest. In addition to its fascinating vegetation, Laos plays host to a diverse animal kingdom, including the Irrawaddy dolphins that inhabit the Mekong River.


Lao people are open, warm and friendly, and they possess a strongly developed sense of courtesy and respect. Beautiful boutique hotels and international branded hotels are now attracting the most discerning travelers and Laos is already firmly established as a unique MICE destination.




Visitors to Bali cannot fail to be delighted by its natural beauty and its warm and friendly people.


Bali's natural attractions include miles of sandy beaches, picturesque rice terraces, towering active volcanoes over 3,000 meters high, fast flowing rivers, deep ravines, pristine crater lakes, sacred caves, and lush tropical forests full of exotic wildlife.


The island's rich cultural heritage is visible everywhere - in over 20,000 temples and palaces, in many colorful festivals and ceremonies, in drama, music, and dance. Ancient handicrafts and innovative artwork jostle for position in the many artistic enclaves and a shopping tour is a must for every visitor.


Bali is home to some of the world’s most beautiful international hotels and resorts and plays host to some of the world’s most discerning travelers. The dramatic natural beauty of this island gem never fails to entrance every visitor.


Temple grounds of frangipani, hibiscus and bougainvillea tumble over the canals and ancient stones and strolling through one of these beautiful gardens, it is easy to see how so many have come to believe this island is the meeting place for gods and humans.


Hong Kong


Once home to fishermen and farmers, modern Hong Kong is a teeming, commercially-vibrant metropolis where Chinese and Western influences fuse.


The former British colony became a special administrative region of China in 1997, when Britain's 99-year lease of the New Territories, north of Hong Kong Island, expired.


Whether you are a vacationer, nature lover or cultural explorer, Hong Kong can cater for your every desire.

Discover the myriad things to see and do in one of the most diverse and exciting destinations in the world

Hong Kong is a kaleidoscope of life; a sophisticated fusion of East and West; a city of diversity where new and old meet at every turn. It is a unique experience shaped by a distinctive past and dreams of the future; an age-old synthesis of cultures and traditions that opens a window into what will be, while embracing what has passed.


Luxury hotels, superb fine dining, exquisite service and surprises at every turn ensure a truly captivating experience in this unique location.


Skyscrapers and temples, shopping malls and traditional markets sit cheek-by-jowl. But amid the urban hustle there are quiet parks and green spaces, beaches and mountain-top views.




Singapore is south-east Asia's hi-tech, wealthy city-state which is known for its bustling economy, efficient transport system and its lush green landscaping.


The country comprises the main island - linked by a causeway and a bridge to the southern tip of Malaysia - and around 50 smaller islands.


Once a colonial outpost of Britain, Singapore has become one of the world's most prosperous places, with glittering skyscrapers and a thriving marine industry.


Luxurious hotels and sumptuous restaurants nestle in pristine gardens whilst traditional markets and vibrant ethnic shopping and eating districts dot the island.


With a host of world-class attractions, stunning beach resorts, temple complexes and museums, Singapore can satisfy your every wish and all within a short distance from the main downtown area. A really great destination for MICE events!


Singapore is a true island paradise and its rich diversity of culture is visible everywhere, providing a true feast for the eyes and the senses.




Multiculturalism has not only made Malaysia a gastronomical paradise, it has also made Malaysia home to hundreds of colorful festivals. As a people, Malaysians are very laid back, warm and friendly and they love to celebrate and socialize


With a varied and interesting heritage, as part of the international spice route many hundreds of years ago, Malaysia has developed into a mosaic of cultures. Malays, Chinese, Indians and many other ethnic groups have lived together in Malaysia for generations. All these cultures have influenced each other, creating a unique Malaysian culture.


Geographically, Malaysia is as diverse as its culture. There are two parts to the country, 11 states in the peninsula of Malaysia and two states on the northern part of Borneo. Cool hideaways are found in the highlands that roll down to warm, sandy beaches and rich, humid mangroves.


Visitors can choose the bustling life of Kuala Lumpur, luxurious hillside resorts or the numerous island and beach resorts that nestle along the pristine tropical waters.


Malaysia is a land of extreme contrasts. Towering skyscrapers look down upon wooden houses built on stilts, and five-star hotels sit a few meters away from ancient reefs.


For the tropical destination full of surprises, eclectic cultures and natural wonders, Malaysia is a perfect choice.


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